Thursday, May 13, 2010




Flamengo, what a great team. I am going to talk a little bit more about this team's glorious history. 5 times champion of the Brazilian League, how astonishing. There is only one thing I would like to point out. In 1987, the tournament was by elimination, not rounds. Flamengo and Sport made it to the finals, and Flamengo did not want to play the last game. It was a very strange decision and logically both teams were considered champions.
This Sunday, Flamengo had to leave Campinas victorious to have a chance of reaching 1st place. They payed Corinthians to have Chicão and Mano Menezes receive red cards. Theres more, Ronaldo left the field in the first half faking he was hurt. It still dosen't end here, Flamengo was awarded a penalti shot and Felipe, Corinthians' goalkeeper, did not even jump to save the ball that was kicked a foot away from his hand. After the goal, he began to clap to Flamengo's players.
Soccer around the world has been encountering problems of money being involved for the manipulations of game results. 200 games in Europe are under investigation. The fourth and first division of the best soccer in the world are involved in corruption. What will soccer be like in 20 years ? Will it ever be fair ? I hope.
When I listen to my father speaking of how soccer in the past was fair and played clean, it makes me wonder, where is the world leading too ? Even one of the most popular sports in the world are getting involved in corruption. I wish money could not take over people, then we would have a fair world.
Congratulations to Palmeiras, Sao Paulo and Internacional for playing such a fair tournament. Corinthians and Flamengo, what to say about these dirty teams ? I don't have words to explain how mad I am. I really hope that this type of thing stops happening in soccer. If Flamengo ends as champions, the only team I will consider 6 times champions of Brazil is Sao Paulo Futebol Clube.

Watch the best goal of the whole championship scored by Diego Souza.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Santo Andre scared Santos in the beginning of the game. In the first half Santo Andre played around with Santos. But the joy only lasted only 45 minutes. Santos came back for the second time and built a good victory, 3-2. 31,000 people were present at the game. Sunday, also at Pacaembu,the last game will be played. This game will determine the champion of the competition. Santos has a good advantage due to the fact that they scored 3 and Santo Andre scored 2. Santos may lose by a difference of 1 goal and will still be champions because they have a slight advantage due to the fact that they ended the first phase in first place.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally !

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Palmeiras officially announced the arrival of Marcos Assuncao.

He is an expert in free kicks, the player was crucial to take his team to the finals of the competition.

"It's a great opportunity to play again in a big club like Palmeiras. I am grateful to all who believe in my football. I will not disappoint. Rather, I am in great shape and a soccer fan can expect from me the great soccer I have demonstrated in my last clubs. "said Marcos.

Marcos Assuncao has signed with Verdão until July 2011 and will defend the team in the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup, his official presentation is scheduled for the beginning of the week.



Even playing at home, pushed by the crowd and needing to score goals to reverse the advantage, Atletico-PR saw Palmeiras start better in the match.
Lincoln crossed the ball on Leo's head. The ball hit the bar. At 9, another cross, Robert had the chance to open the marker but headed weak. Netinho responded with a free kick that deflected off a player, scaring Marcos. Palmeiras not intimidated and continued attacking. At 15 Lincoln was knocked down by Bruno Costa in the area: penalty and a red card was awarded to the defender, who had already received a yellow card. Robert took a really bad shot and missed the penalty shot.

With both teams uninspired, the referee decided to call attention. He invented a penalty that was not committed by Leo. Atletico scored the goal and almost eliminated Palmeiras from the cup. The referee was saved by Lincoln. Palmeiras' mid-fielder scored a splendid goal and guaranteed Palmeiras' classification.

Palmeiras' next match will be against Atletico Goianiense, another difficult game. We are now one step closer to the finals !



Palmeiras suffered to advance to the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup.This match could of ended in a more peaceful way if the referees hadn't committed absurd mistakes.

It all began at Palestra Italia game, when Marcelo de Lima Henrique ignored a clear penalty suffered by Lincoln. In yesterday's match, held at Arena da Baixada, curiously another referee (Gutenberg Paula Fonseca) was nearly responsible for a humiliating elimination. He clearly favored the home team because of the penalty that was marked. The other incredible mistake he committed was awarding Lincoln a yellow card. Lincoln was 2 meters behind Atletico's player, which clearly tripped on the ball. The referee called a foul and showed Lincoln a yellow card.

History: no Brazilian club suffered so much with bad refereeing as Palmeiras in recent years. In 2007, in full Palestra Italia, the team then commanded by Caio Junior, was eliminated by Ipatinga Brazil in a penalty shootout that would not have happened if a legal defense of Diego Cavalieri not be canceled. Diego argued that he had not walked before the penalty kick but the referee refused to hear him. The picture below clearly shows what Diego was arguing about:

In 2008, against Sao Paulo, was the famous goal scored by Adriano's hand in the semifinal of the Paulistão. The pathetic error was not enough to take Palmeiras out of the finals though !

Already in 2009 there was a ridiculous amount of mistakes against Palmeiras. Carlos Eugenio Simon in Maracana, nullifying the clear legal goal scored by Obina against Fluminense. In this championship the Palmeiras lost 10 points because of bad refereeing. These 10 points were responsible for the loss of the championship.

In 2010 nothing has changed, the Paulistão began with a series of blunders, such as the goal scored in Barueri. A clear 5 meter offsides was not marked by the referee.

Let me be clear: the misdeeds of Palmeiras in the current season can not and are not justified by these errors followed the arbitration, but we can not tolerate what is happening, the men with the whistles can no longer decide matches and championships. Enough!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Danilo Gentili responds to DANILO vs. MANOEL (image)

"Speaking of stupid, I grew up hearing people say that I am a giraffe. And also grew up calling one of my best friends an elephant. I've heard many people call blond girls retarded, red head sausage. But if someone calls a black man a monkey, he is crucified. And that to me makes no sense. What is the prejudice with the monkey? Imagine how the monkey in the zoo should not feel sad when he hears the other animals commenting:- The monkey is the worst of all. When a man swears to the donkey or elephant they laugh. But when swearing monkey, people get arrested. Being a monkey is a terrible thing. Thank God we are not monkeys."

This very good brazilian comedian from a great show named CQC created a genial response to the case cited in the last post. I think that he is correct. He goes even further but most of it has nothing to due with this section of the post he made. I think that both soccer players should be punished because of their behaviors.

A week of training, talks and reprimands. A week behind the scenes pressure and impatience of the crowd. But with a new attitude and showing will in the field, Palmeiras managed to beat Atletico-PR by 1 to 0, late on Thursday at Palestra Italia, and eased the tension.

The tranquility just was not complete because Danilo and Manoel had a misunedstanding after 29 minutes in the first time. The player of the Big Hurricane head butted Palmeiras' defender who has already played for the same team. Danilo returned the agression by spitting on Manoel's face. The fight did not stop there though. In the second half Manoel stomped Danilo's foot. At the end of the game, Manoel accused Danilo of racism. He alligated that Danilo called him a monkey.

Palmeiras' defender may not play for 22 games and may receive a 100 thousand reais ticket as a punishment.