Saturday, October 24, 2009

Palmeiras played Santo Andre in ABC this wednesday (i was there). In the first half, the team from the capital had more chances of scoring goals. Santo Andre didn`t even seem to care that Palmeiras needed to win this game to maintain the 4 point lead. Nunes, scored two goals for Santo Andre and left Bruno José Daniel with 3 more points.

Atlético Mineiro played Vitória this Saturday and left Mineirão with 3 points. This result was very bad for Palmeiras since they did not sum points this round. Atlético is now 1 point from Palmeiras and is going to cheer for Goiás to beat Palmeiras next game.

The tournament is getting more interesting every round, even though my team has not summed points in 4 rounds. I am hoping this bad streak begins to change.

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