Sunday, November 8, 2009

******* REFEREE

It was a sweaty, disputed and controversial game, but Fluminense beat Palmeiras 1 x 0, in the afternoon of Sunday, for the 35th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro at Maracanã with an audience of 66,884 people. Fred used his head to score the only goal validated in the match. This happened because Obina also scored a goal after abeautiful header. This happened when the gamed was tied 0x0. The amateur FIFA referee did not validate the goal because he saw and inexisting foul during the play. I am very pissed at what happened. This was only the first of the 3 goals that were considered illegal by the refs this round. What I consider incredible is that the only team that is ever favored by the bad calls is SAO PAULO FUTEBOL CLUBE, the dirtiest team in brazilian soccer.
Toninho Cecílio, Palmeiras' director is also pissed as all fans. He believes that it is too much of a coincidence since all team in the top 10 are being affected, except the BAMBIS, as São Paulo is called by all fans.

See the best moments of the game and the goal poorly unvalidated. 1:10 here.

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