Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sport- ALMOST .

Palmeiras tied with Sport Clube Recife this Wednesday. It was a ridiculous result for a team that is planning to be the champion of 2009. After the bad start, Palmeiras was behind the score by two goals. Winning was a very difficult task to be reached, but the tie seemed easier for Palmeiras at Palestra Italia. Deyvid Sacconi scored Palmeiras` first goal in the match, starting the reaction. Danilo, in a very legitimate goal, tied the game 2 x 2. Although his possition was legal, the referee whistled twice, with no reason. This caused a lot of confusion and the players from the visiting team began to argue with the referee. Once again, Fluminense was favored and the game may be rescheduled because of the confusion caused by the referee. I believe this will be very good for Palmeiras because the game will begin 0x0 again, and may have the chance to win the game.

Palmeiras has played Sport 10 times in the last two years, putting them down to the second division will be a great happening. I am very happy that this nonimportant team, that possesses no history at all, gets sent down to the second division by my glorious Palmeiras ! Image taken from HERE.


  1. Palmeiras is ridiculous...
    Your "glorious" Palmeiras lost shamefully yesterday. They are pathetic....

  2. your team is great ! SANTOS, only was big when pele played.