Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Danilo Gentili responds to DANILO vs. MANOEL

http://portalcqc.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/danilo20gentili_nota_271108.jpg (image)

"Speaking of stupid, I grew up hearing people say that I am a giraffe. And also grew up calling one of my best friends an elephant. I've heard many people call blond girls retarded, red head sausage. But if someone calls a black man a monkey, he is crucified. And that to me makes no sense. What is the prejudice with the monkey? Imagine how the monkey in the zoo should not feel sad when he hears the other animals commenting:- The monkey is the worst of all. When a man swears to the donkey or elephant they laugh. But when swearing monkey, people get arrested. Being a monkey is a terrible thing. Thank God we are not monkeys."

This very good brazilian comedian from a great show named CQC created a genial response to the case cited in the last post. I think that he is correct. He goes even further but most of it has nothing to due with this section of the post he made. I think that both soccer players should be punished because of their behaviors.

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