Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A week of training, talks and reprimands. A week behind the scenes pressure and impatience of the crowd. But with a new attitude and showing will in the field, Palmeiras managed to beat Atletico-PR by 1 to 0, late on Thursday at Palestra Italia, and eased the tension.

The tranquility just was not complete because Danilo and Manoel had a misunedstanding after 29 minutes in the first time. The player of the Big Hurricane head butted Palmeiras' defender who has already played for the same team. Danilo returned the agression by spitting on Manoel's face. The fight did not stop there though. In the second half Manoel stomped Danilo's foot. At the end of the game, Manoel accused Danilo of racism. He alligated that Danilo called him a monkey.

Palmeiras' defender may not play for 22 games and may receive a 100 thousand reais ticket as a punishment.


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